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Jeff Goldblum FAQ 
30th-Aug-2008 12:40 am
Frequently Asked Questions, and answers about Jeff Goldblum. Before contacting me, please make sure your question is answered here. If you contact me, make sure in the subject line write:
FAQ - Jeff Goldblum. More to be added soon.

Number of questions: 54

1. What's Jeff's full name?

Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum.

2. How does Jeff spell "Jeffery"?
There are many different ways to spell Jeffery. Geoffrey. But his mom obviously wanted it spelled "Jeffrey".

3. When and where was he born?
Tuesday, October 22, 1952 (a leap year) in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania, USA.

4. Where did he grow up?
In a surburb (or area) outside of Pittsburgh called West Homestead, Pensylvania on Lynnwood Drive. His house is now owned by a woman named Mary Ann Zilko.

5. How old is he?

He'll be 56 on October 22, 2008. And he's still sexy!

6. Who are his parents?
Dr. Harold Goldblum (a physician) and Shirley (Temeles-Goldblum-Tyson, originally from West Virginia) was a radio broadcaster. They both ironically wanted to become actors. She (his mother) re-married a man 20 years younger that her (Harvey Tyson, Jeff's step-father) and they own a kitchen supply service and live in Shadyside, PA. Jeff's father passed away in 1983 at age 63 of a heart attack.

7. Does he have any brothers and sisters?
Yes. Jeff is the 3rd boy (the youngest boy) out of 4 children. He has 2 brothers: Lee a real estate agent in PA who is 5 years older than Jeff. And Rick (who is 2 years older than Jeff) passed away in 1973 of kidney failure while traveling in Morocco. He wanted to be a writer. He and Jeff were very close. Jeff only has 1 sister Pamela Goldblum. She's an actress and an artist (painter). She has a very small part in the film "The Favour, The Watch, and The Very Big Fish" and she also made the "love shrine" for the movie "Framed". She lives in L.A. She is married to Jeffrey Kaisershot (artist; they lived in Jeff's guest house for a while). This is what she "casually" looks like.

8. What is Jeff's nationality / ethnicity?
 American. Jewish-American. He is of Russian (paternal) & Austrian (maternal) Jewish descent. He's proudly Jewish (Ashkenazi).

9. What is Jeff's religion?
Jewish, but he's not heavily involved (doesn't really celebrate Passover or Hanukkah, but he does believe in God, or "a higher power"). He had a Bar-Mitzvah and went to a Hebrew school when he was younger, but his parents never really encouraged him to be devout. He does pratice yoga and meditation and has dabbled in Kaballah (Jewish Mysticism). He is invloved with the Jewish Community in L.A. and attends many events. He's discovered more of his heritage through the upcoming movie, Adam Resurrected. When Jeff needs to warm up, he listens to The Old Landmark, a Christian gospel song (Pittsburgh, J&R interview background music). So, when it all boils down it I guess, Jeff is Spiritual.

10. Is Jeff married? Engaged?
No. He has been married twice. His first marriage was to actress Patricia Gaul (at 23, and stayed married for 12 years, only divorcing in 1987) and his second marriage (made the decision while driving through Las Vegas) was to Geena Davis (November 1, 1987 - October 17, 1990 - wow! 5 days before his birthday. What a gift!?). They met on the set of Transylvania 6-5000. They also starred in "The Fly" and "Earth Girls Are Easy". He has been engaged twice. For 2 years to Laura Dern (1995-1997, Jurassic Park co-star) and Catherine Wreford, an actress / dancer from Canada (who was 23). They met while she was doing "42nd Street" on Broadway (he was doing "The Pillowman"). He says he's not getting married anytime soon.

11. Does Jeff have any kids?
No. Jeff doesn't have any children. Although, he was rumored to have inpregnated Nicole Richie, but that was JUST A RUMOR! He says if he did have children, he would name his son, Rio Goldblum and if he had a daughter, he would name her Charlie Goldblum (David Letterman, 2005). He said this on having kids in an interview: "The 55-year-old is also ruling out having children any time soon insisting he likes his own space too much to have a child. He says, "I like kids but I am happy not to have any of my own right now. You know, I'm confident in my acting, I play my music, I'm as hearty as I've ever been and when I go home at night I like it nice and quiet." - Ladies, there is still hope!

12. Is Jeff dating-so-and-so?
Okay, Jeff is now "dating" this woman, but was out 2 days before shopping with this woman. I'm not sure if this is the same woman. Doesn't look like it...
As of April, 22, 2008 - Last I heard, Jeff was dating Imogen Heap. Personally, I think it was just a fling. But whatever! Here's a list of people Jeff has dated (Nicole Richie and Elizabeth Taylor were rumors - just friends).

13. Who was Jeff's first girlfriend?

A girl named Patty Manning. Jeff remembers this by saying: " 'my first girlfriend', although I didn't call her that..."

14. Where does Jeff live?
His house, I mean, mansion (which he lived in for over 20 years), is in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California (USA). It has a guesthouse and a pool. Nothing fancy. But he does have security guards (and the typical Hollywood works: a cleaning lady, gardener, and other employees). When he works in New York and London, he lives in an apartment, anywhere else, a hotel.

15. What does Jeff drive?
Jeff (as far as I know), Jeff drives a $20,000, 2002 Toyota Prius and a Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML350 (can be seen in Pittsburgh and around the net - black, probably brought it because of Lost World).

16. Has Jeff done theater?
YES! Jeff has a LOVE for theater. As a child, he seen many plays all over Pittsburgh, locally, and in New York. He's starred in: "The Pillowman", "The Music Man" (in Pittsburgh), "Speed-The-Plow", "The Moony Shapiro Songbook", "The Play I Wrote", and many, many, others.

17. Has Jeff ever had his own TV show?
Yep. Tenspeed and Brownshoe (ABC, 1980) with Ben Vereen. It had only 14 episodes. And of course, Raines (NBC, 2007).

18. Is Raines coming back?
I don't think so. It sucks that NBC took it off! It was a great show! Something about the writers strike. But Jeff is currently going to be starring on Law and Order: CI on USA this Fall.

19. Is Raines going to be on DVD?

I don't know. They may put the remaining episodes on DVD or something, but those episodes that did air, you can view those online. Look around.

20. When is Adam Resurrected coming out?

It's coming out this fall!

 21. Why won't you tell us what's real and what's fake in the movie Pittsburgh?
Beacuse it will defeat the entire purpose of the movie. Listen to the commentary.

22. Why is there a scar on Jeff's left arm?

Hmm.. I don't know what happened. You can see it in "Into the Night" and "The Fly" or in any movie where he's shirtless (yum!).

23. How many movies has he been in? TV shows? Commercials? News features? Media publications?
Since he started his career? Over 1,000+! He's been in the business for 34 years (since 1974).

24. What was his first movie role?
As freak #1 in "Death Wish" in 1974.

25. What else does Jeff do besides acting?
Jeff also plays the piano with his band Mildred Snitzer Orchestra (with fellow cast member, Peter Weller - "Buckaroo Banzi: Across the 8th Deminsion", which he learnt to play by himself) at Aqua in L.A. Jeff is also founder of Playhouse West in L.A. and teaches acting there. He also donates to many different charities and attends many events. He was also producer of 3 films: Pittsburgh, Perfume, and Little Suprises. On occasion, Jeff also likes to paint, dancing (tap, belly), garden, reading, watching movies, working out, sports, and travel.

26. Has Jeff wrote any songs?
Yes, he wrote "Born Freaky" for a CD called Hollywood Goes Wild and a few songs here and there.

27. What does Jeff like to eat?

Jeff is a food junkie! He likes to eat pretty much anything. In an interview, he said he loves food and is not picky. In other interviews, has said he likes Creole/Cajun food. He eats very healthy. He loves his carbs. He can be seen eating at many different types of resturants in L.A. And often, he chews a lot of gum. The only fast food restaurant I've heard about him going to was Subway (Pittsburgh). He likes Japanese food. On dieting: he also said that if he can just smell the food, he won't crave or eat it. He doesn't drink much. He also gets special food from a company sent to his house. And I'm pretty sure, like any other human being, he splurges on junk food every now and then.

28. What type of music does Jeff listen to?
Jazz, Brazilian. He prefers Punk or Disco (for obvious reasons). I'm pretty sure he likes the music from the 50's - 90's (and maybe some modern and older). He was at Mick Jagger's solo release party in 2001 wearing a James Brown t-shirt. Rap? Not so much. I don't think we'll be seeing Jeff jammin' to 50 Cent in his Prius...

29. How tall is Jeff?
6'4½" (1.94 m)

30. Has Jeff been in any commercials?
Yes. Quite a few. He's done commercials for Holsten Pills Lager, Apple Computers, Toyota, the Irish Lottery, a computer chip commerical in Japan, and Hundai Sonata.

31. Any awards? Nominations?
So far, nominated for 12 (including: Jurassic Park I & II, Independence Day, others) and won 4. 1983 - Star of Tomorrow Award. 1987 - best actor: "The Fly". 1990 - best actor: "Mister Frost". 2005 - Joseph Papp Humanitarian Award.

32. Does Jeff have any hidden talents?
He can wiggle his ear one at a time.

33. Jeff's favorite movies?

"Shine", "Cabin Boy", "Being There", "Rosemary's Baby", and possibly many more. Jeff says he cries while watching the movie "Men Don't Leave".

34. Jeff's favorite actors?
Marlon Brando, Peter Sellers, and some of the actresses he's dated (lol), and possible more.

35. What is Jeff's astrological sign?


36. Where did Jeff attend school?

Walnut Street School (K-6). Calhoun Junior High (7-10). West Mifflin High School (North)(11-12), and Neighborhood Playhouse (NYC) under Sanford Meisner. Carnegie Mellon (pre-college courses, 1967-1968). Chatham College (summer music camp, 5th grade). He did not attend: Taylor Allderdice High School!!!

37. Does Jeff have any pets?
So far, I don't know. In the past, he's had 2 dogs (one being a Rotweiller, who was blind) and a cat named Billy.

38. Where does Jeff like to work out?
At Crunch gym in L.A.

39. Who is the most famous person Jeff has met?
Princess Diana at the premire of "Jurassic Park" in London.

40. Has Jeff ever done cartoons?
Yes. Jeff was the voice of 'Verminous Skumm' in "Captain Planet", of 'MacArthur Parker' in "The Simpsons", Dr. Katz, Crank Yankers, and Aaron in "Prince of Egypt".

41. Didn't Jeff re-make 2 movies that were already made?
Yes. "The Fly" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

42. Out of all of the characters Jeff has portrayed, which is the most famous?

Probably Ian Malcolm ("Jurassic Park") and Seth Brundle ("The Fly").

43. What are Jeff's favorite TV shows?
In an interview, Jeff has said: "I've got a pretty big lazy streak and sometimes I think what I'd really like to do is stay home and just watch a lot of TV. In the States, there are 1,000 channels. I watch a lot of rolling news, I can get addicted to it a bit." He doesn't watch network drama shows like Grey's Anatomy or The Sopranos, he likes kooky little shows like The Office, Extras and The Larry Sanders Show.

44. Has Jeff ever done any drugs?
In the past, marijuana and has tried mescaline (Pittsburgh). Hey it was the 70's!

45. What was Jeff's first job?
At age 15 playing the piano in a restaurant.

46. Is Jeff into politics?

Not much. He campainged against George Bush twice. And he voted for Bill Clinton. So, I'm assuming that he's a Democrat, or a registered Independent (like a lot of celebrities in Hollywood).

47. From an online interview: If you could have one superhero power, what would you choose and why?
In an interview, Jeff says: "Let me see. To be able to always have a super sense of who I was and my own real identity and be petty and seem informed and always thinking in thoughts".

48. What is one of Jeff's favorite sayings?
"Holy cats!"

49. Does Jeff have any tattoos or piercings?

As far as I know (or as far as I've seen) he doesn't have either. He's worn clip on earrings in films, though.

50. What is one of Jeff's childhood memories (out of many)?
When he was little he had a dream about being tied to a tree stump and a witch came up to him and went (in a creepy voice): "Peaches". He told his brothers (who he shared a room with) and the rest of him family about the dream. So at night when he would go to bed and the lights went out, his brothers would tease him and say: "Peaches".

51. Does Jeff believe in the Lochness monster?


52. Is it true that Jeff's great-grandparents are first cousins?

53. Is it true that Jeff's father believed in fierce discipline?

Yes. But it wasn't abuse. Basically if he got a spanking he would get spanked sometimes with a belt, which was more acceptable in the 1950's than today.

54. What is Jeff's favorite sports team?
He's a pro football fan and his favorite team is Pittsburgh Steelers, of course!

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